My Style: John Pearson

John Pearson talks to Fashion We Like about his style, his shopping rituals and which city has the best dressed man as well as much more! Check out the interview here


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We’ve got a Crush!

We've got a Crush!

What more could brighten up a dreary Thursday than the lovely people behind ‘Crushed‘ dropping off a bundle of goodies into the Premier office!

Now the reccommended intake of fruit and veg has risen from 5 to 7-a-day, ‘Crushed’ is designed to help you stay healthy on the run. Consumed chilled or straight from the cupboard, this is the ultimate ‘fast fruit snack,’ perfect for the people who don’t get a chance to snack happy during the day, or simply don’t want to be caught on the ‘women who eat on tubes’ tumblr!

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Premier’s New Penn

Dylan Penn- daughter of actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright – is now signed to us… Check out all the information on British Vogue.


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Harvey Nichols- New Rules: SS14 Menswear

Harry Uzoka & Sera appear in the Harvey Nichols New Rules SS14 Menswear Film, directed by Bunker London and styled by Matthew Josephs, featuring music by Lil Silva.

New Rules: SS14 Menswear from Harvey Nichols on Vimeo.

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Here’s to the original bombshell

Here's to the original bombshell

With all the pretending-to-be and so called “bombshells” that are flooding our daily gossip channels I think it’s about time we pay homage and remember what the real deal look(ed) like. I am by no means the kind of gal who’d go all sexy, blonde, big haired and pouty, but there has been a time, in the early 2000 to be precise, where I was a lot more, stimulated if you will, to perhaps have a look on the wild and sexier side…

My mum, still in horror as to how in gods name this could have happened, could elaborate on my slight obsession with no other than Pamela Anderson. Now I have liked her look then, and I am sticking to my, or erm … her, guns. Besides the fact that she is naturally beautiful, which so many of her current wanna bees are definitely not, with legs that were so perfectly toned and tanned, again, which again, so many babes nowadays can’t seem to copy (hard work might not be something they signed up for at the door to immediate stardom), but Pamela Anderson will always look just perfect and not perfectly contrived.

She certainly has never tried to be a fashiony type, and has always dressed in a way that she is not trying to pretend to accentuate her intellect… If you know what I mean. Whether it’s with baggy or tight jeans, big T-shirt or tiny skirt, she’s always a knockout. Naturally.
And then there’s her hair. Something I personally would never want to call my own. But… You get my point… It’s great.
And looking at her shaggy, sometimes straight hair again, confirms my point about layers. Layers are simply so much more fab than a straight cut. And Carine would most def agree,.. At least on this point.
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