Carole White & India Farrell

We’ve been waiting for what seems like eternity for the launch (party) of the new Ponystep Magazine and last night finally marked the end of the wait as Aunty Carole and Team Premier fled to East London to celebrate Ponystep’s most fabulous issue to date – with no other than 2 Premierettes gazing at us from within the mag – both Carole and India Farrell look insanely cool (=Carole) and stunning (=India) which the images below will show! Accompanying Carole’s image is a little homage to our Queen Bee: There are bosses, there are model bookers and then there is Carole White. As co-founder of Premier Models (along with brother Chris Owen), she has proved herself a force to be reckoned with. Her public profile has sky rocketed this year largely due to her appearance in Channel 4′s ‘The Model Agency’; a fly-on-the wall documentary series chronicling the hectic scenes at Premier’s Covent Garden office as the bookers prepared for the unpredictable frenzy of London Fashion Week. In a show that was in all honesty, a little ‘slow’, Carole lit up the screen with her straight talking, chain smoking profanities and general brashness. She was without question the star of the show.

But the TV stuff is over and its business as usual. And a very successful business at that. A former model herself, Carole’s booking career has overseen the reign of the supermodels, the permeating influence of celebrity culture and a new era of young Eastern European models with their own formidable work ethic. Her direct, no-nonsense approach to her job is fortified by over 40 years’ experience and a healthy dose of good, old-fashioned common sense. Carole White is no ‘Asshole Idiot’.

On a different note, always one in demand for interviews, Boss Carole was asked to comment on the high lights from the recent SS12 shows on the Guardian/Observer:

The ice-cream palette

Ding-dong, the black capsule wardrobe is dead. Belinda Earl: “Soft pales stood out as the key colour trend.” Heaven help us. Sun-bleached colour and – wait for it – tie-dye are also making a return. Think “muted brights”. This trend is a real fusion of 1960s and 1980s influences: that ubiquitous Mad Men styling but worn by Bananarama. This cannot be a good thing, surely?

Carole White offers context: “Spring/summer is hard for designers. Winter collections are easier because it’s easier for women to dress for winter. Summer is all about legs and arms showing …” She shudders. This, apparently, explains why the designers can go off on strange colour tangents in spring collections. Makes sense. No one would buy an orange winter coat. But maybe they can be persuaded to buy an orange summer dress? Indeed, orange was flavour of the month at DKNY and Derek Lam. It gets worse. Sam Baker warns: “Everyone will be buying yellow — sadly. Pretty unforgiving on most pasty British complexions. Maybe keep it as far away from your face as possible and start with shoes.” Click Here for the full article.



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