Beegee Margenyte & Crista Cober

We have to admit it, November is around the corner, we may have partied a petite bit too hard over the weekend (in the name of Halloween), it’s grey and still 2 months to go until Christmas… slightly depressing prospects. BUT things are looking up at Premier HQ, after seeing these images of Beegee and Crista we are as happy as can be, after all it is common (fashion) knowledge, you’ve got the right girl when Josh Olins decides to shoot her for a TopShop Campaign. Now we haven’t just got one girl but two in this year’s TopShop Winter Campaign… without sounding like we’re blowing our own trumpet…  that is kind of MAJOR!

Well done you two gorgeous ladies!!! xxx




October 31, 2011  |  Hot off the press, Premier on paper



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