One of the greatest challenges for models is to be able to maintain a disciplined lifestyle at a relatively young age when parents aren’t around to supervise them, support them, or steer them towards what to do or not to do.

Many young models when they begin their careers may easily start behaving in an ill disciplined manner, excited by the lack of control, being unaware of the risks and the consequences as too young to understand. The feeling of omnipotence induced by their look and the freedom they experience, combined with poor company (as objects of desire, models easily attract older people who may have bad intentions of pushing them down dangerous pathways) can be very dangerous. Adolescents often like to experience strong emotion driven by curiosity and can easily fall into traps, especially if they are a little insecure or lack self-esteem, which is often the case around this age, feeling the urge to imitate peers and friends to feel more confident; this may lead them to embrace bad habits which eventually become chronic with age, such as alcohol, drugs and promiscuous sexual behaviour.
The model agents find themselves having to manage wild adolescents, and are often impotent as they can’t control the girls’ lives, but can only suggest what may be in their interests and, as we know, adolescents often tend to ignore any advice to prove their identity during this delicate age of transition. The full responsibility is therefore in the hands of the young girls, often too inexperienced to be aware of the consequences of their behaviour.
On the one hand models are adolescents and should have the right to experience their age; on the other hand the reality is such that their profession requires they mature quickly as adults in a world of adults. How can they cope with this contradiction?

Models have to make an effort and quickly learn that one of the prices to pay for success in modelling is to live a different adolescence to the one all their peers live, just like athletes. They have to be wise and long sighted to perceive this and understand its importance. Being disciplined is essential to success in this career: models should adhere to the disciplined models’ life style (refer to my earlier article) understanding that it is essential in life to seek long term welfare rather than instant gratification, the latter representing an illusion, a trap or a perceived shortcut which can lead into trouble. Real gratification and a strong Self come from building something solid in life, through hard work, effort, perseverance, discipline, keeping to the rules and the goals, knowing shortcuts lead nowhere. When there are no parents around to control and look after them, models should know they must become their own “parents” and leaders. And if their self-esteem is a little weak they should remember that this is the only real way to strengthen it.









January 11, 2012  |  Hot off the press, Premier Loves


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  1. I’M AGREE WITH ALL of Adriana write about this tipe of living of the models. They need discipline

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