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It’s Thursday, the week is almost over and we cannot wait for the weekend – we’ll be super busy next week again, as we’re currently redesigning our humble BLOG and will be missing one day of our week (thanks to Easter!). We’re pretty excited so stay tuned! And here for some other news…

We’d like to take give a big shout out to the wonderful Mak Gilchrist. Not for the fact that the lady still is as beautiful and as amazing a model as she was a decade ago – but because she’s a aterrific and most inspiring lady. We’d like to introduce to you, should you not already know of it, The Edible Bus Stop.  You could kind of imagine it like what they did in the movie Green Card (see bad quality picture below) but even better!!

The project launched a year ago, almost exactly to this day, that focuses on reconnecting communities together by creating gardens filled with vegetables, herbs and what not, in spaces that aren’t used. The community can then come and use the garden and it’s veg as they please, they’re asked to sow back what they take to keep things running obviously :-)

You could call Mak and her team Guerilla Gardeners so to speak who are super passionate and their little movement has been gaining momentum – so much that, here it comes, our Prime Minister, David Cameron, sent them an invite to celebrate London’s Olympic Games yesterday, Mak and her Team being appointed Local Leaders of course accepted and had a lovely time (they even met Mr Cameron’s cat!). Now that the ball is rolling we’d like to just say how much we think of this as a super amazing cause, bringing people together and making us think about giving back to our world. They’re planning London’s first Green Bus Route all the way from Clapham Common (with bus 322) to Crystal Palace and  also are possibly partaking in the Chelsea Fringe Festival… so there’s plenty of projects that anyone can get involved in. Premier are definitely up for kicking our office chairs one of those hot days and hop on the bus over to an Edible Bus Stop and start ploughing! LOVE YOU MAK AND THE EDIBLE BUS STOP!!!

Masha P as cute as a cupcake in Marie Claire shot by Amber Gray.

Portia Freeman is heading the new Charlotte Olympia Campaign! HOT. Click here for a little feature on

Stacy Martin on the cover of Ozon Magazine shot by Lorenzo Dalbosco  - BRAVO!!!




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