Premier Model Management

Team Premier New Faces have decided to celebrate Easter with a little Fun Project, I mean with these crazy cute Easter Eggs by Charbonnel & Walker who could resist? Topshop swiftly sent over some of their (uhmazing) clothes and the little ones got chatting to their Mother Hen, Annie, about their Easter Egg habits… stay tuned, we should be posting more and more Easter Egg pix and tricks on our tumblr in the next week …

For now we’d love to wish you all a lovely Easter!! Yours, PREMIER boys and girls xxx

Hanako cracks the eggs on her head and then enjoys them – crazy lady!!

Faye likes to fry them and scrambles them with bacon. – look at that sexy little chick!!

And Ranya happened to stop by the agency and couldn’t resist a little sneak, told us she usually boils and paints them and gives them out to fellow villagers… love you, always!!




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