It was a super crazy and eventful 7 days for Americans. Starting off with silly Sandy being a real handful and ending with the glorious re-election of our favourite, Barak Obama!

Loving the current cover of New York Magazine, a cover that literally gives us goosebumps!

And what else has been going on? Well a lot actually! Doug looking cute cute cute in this Christopher Kane Dress and major Factory Girl hair, as we know this style will only fit a certain perfect “visage” we are not even going to attempt to recreate Doug’s hairstyle anytime soon – sometimes it’s nice just looking at beauty :-)

This week we also came across an old model card of style icon Chloe Sevigny and even though this must be around 30 years ago we can say (with style confidence) that the fashion would still look cool now. But I guess that’s just Chloe for you: yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Kristin Stewart is currently on her promotional tour and admittedly she is looking uhmazing – in Peter Pilotto at Jay Leno and especially major make-up a few days before. There’s only one little thought that keeps popping up: do we think her and Robert only got “fake” back together as they’re promoting their movie….?

In Amsterdam we went to an exclusive viewing of Nana Van Blaaderen’s new collection of gorgeous knit (mostly interior) and you all know how much we adore knit, yes we keep going on about it yes yes yes :-) So anyway, Nana is a super talented designer who creates designs that are “as gentle to the skin as they are to the environment”. LOVE! And if that wasn’t enough, Nana asked the incredibly talented (and sweet) Pablo Delfos to photograph her collection…

Whilst powering through our favourite blogs we came across this little beauty… designer Lee Broom has made it one if his signature styles to grab vintage crystal glass and turn it into a magical lamp like this one – Note to self: urgently make Christmas list!!




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