Hideout 2014

With just over two months until Hideout festival 2014 kicks off, it’s time to start prepping for your week under the Croatian sun!

As more and more people flock to Croatia for the new summer party scene, Hideout leads the way by kicking off the festivals this year on the Isle of Pag; with acts and DJ’s such as Disclosure, Rudimental, Jamie Jones, and who could forget Loco Dice; it’s about time you dug out the bikini and headed across to the Adriatic Sea.

The four day festival includes a mix of headliners performing on land and sea, offering everything from boat parties, to pool parties and we cannot wait!

Get your shades on, and let’s go!

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LA is my Lady

LA is my Lady

Mad Men’s absolutely final Season premiered last night. Judging by some of the screen shots, no sadly I have not seen it yet, I see a number of tendencies making a whole lot of sense.
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Coachella Fever

With Coachella less than 24 hours away, the shopping is done, the outfits are planned, the bands have rehearsed, and the artists are ready to kick off the festival season from the sunny world of Los Angeles. Emily Sykes, Director of Special Bookings is taking over the Premier Instagram this weekend, and bringing us the best bits straight from California, but don’t forget the time difference !

If this isn’t enough, we bring you our top 5 Instagram accounts to follow over this weekend to keep you up to date with the best style and fun the festival has to offer.

(WARNING: the following accounts may make you more than a little jealous that you are not in LA, and instead, like ourselves, spending the weekend praying that it doesn’t rain in the not so sunny England… enjoy!)

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Riviera… Je ne sais quoi…

Riviera... Je ne sais quoi...

The Riviera. Whether it is the French or the Italian Riviera, the word alone lets my heart skip a beat. It immediately evokes a feeling of utter bliss, sunshine, warmth and I can almost smell the scent of skin sizzling in the sun. And I know I am not the only one.
There is of course a reason for our popular opinion and feelings linked to this particular word. For more than 50 years people have bee writing songs, movies and poems about these exceptional places. Designers have based entire collections and photographers and magazines have used the Riviera for endless amounts of stories and moods etc. I am quite pressed for words to describe the certain Riviera-esque vibe,  as nothing seems to quite hit it on the spot. Hence I shall simple put this in my bestest french, “it’s got that certain je-ne-sais-quoi”.
On a rainy sunday like this is, I felt there’s nothing better to please you than with a collection of wonderful imagery that can hopefully translate my feeling about these most wonderful places.

The following images are a mixture of Riviera-heavy movies such as Purple Noon, Talented Mr Ripley, How to catch a thief, Bonjour Tristesse and La Piscine, as well as plenty of photographs of the very talented Mr Slim Aarons, who I believe has very much been a big part in orchestrating and communicating that certain “je ne sais quoi” feeling we now experience as the Riviera.

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The Hammam Factory

The Hammam Factory

As the sun starts to shine through this week and the temperature rises (slightly), we can’t help to get lost in the daydreams of the Summer ahead. Once sandy thoughts of sun kissed skin spring into mind, there is no stopping yourself drifting into a whirlwind of summer outfit planning!
This week the office has found itself indulging in the summer vibes which ‘the hammam factory’ have to offer. If their tumblr isn’t enough to send you straight into holiday planning mode, their sheets will. ‘The hammam factory’ have created three ranges of sheets which you can use for just about anything, and yes, even wear! Designed to be part of every experience your summer has to offer, from taking it to festivals, using it as a beach cover-up, and even using it as a picnic rug; talk about a summer essential!
The good vibes continue with 10% from each sheet going directly towards saving the lives of the rescue animals in North Africa.
Personally, the ‘eat cake for breakfast’ collection is our favourite, but what will be yours ?
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