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Ask Adriana: About being beautiful

What is beauty and what is beautiful?
Human beings possess an objective inner standard of beauty, acquired by education or social custom, to which even geniuses such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo referred. It includes elegance, grace, harmony in composition, consistency, poise, Vitruvian proportion and symmetry.
We also possess a subjective standard of beauty; such beauty is in the eye of the beholder: any child is beautiful to his or her mother, regardless of the way he or she looks.
Beauty is also an undying state of the self, as spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explains impeccably: “The most good-looking, after sometime don’t look so nice. It is not in the outer appearance, it is the spirit, the inner soul. Look at the spirit inside, there is inner beauty. That beauty of the spirit is undying. It increases day by day. It increases with age also. Wisdom and maturity bring so much beauty. Beauty is not just some appearance. Similarly, ugliness is not out of appearance. Somebody may look very good with good makeup, but if their heart is very ugly and the mind is all twisted and full of negativity, however nice they may appear, their vibrations will tell you that they are not beautiful. So, it is the mind that makes one beautiful”. Read More

ASK ADRIANA: How to manage your career


It is very common for a modelling career to go through plenty of ups and downs.

Yet successful moments can be just as delicate as times of crisis. Here are some tips for managing your career throughout the challenges ahead. Read More

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Review: A Model For Living

Ask Adriana
This outstanding handbook, A Model For Living by Julian Short draws upon over 30 years of his experience as a psychiatrist. It is a practical and easy to read guide containing plenty of tips to cope intelligently with the most relevant issues everyday life can raise up. It helps readers optimise their behaviour, seeding more effective and constructive actions which eventually may culminate in a substantially higher quality of life. Read More

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One of the greatest challenges for models is to be able to maintain a disciplined lifestyle at a relatively young age when parents aren’t around to supervise them, support them, or steer them towards what to do or not to do. Read More

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How To: Cope with Loneliness!


Models very often travel around the world on their own, sometimes at a very young age; on occasions they may experience living for several weeks, or even months, in a variety of different fashion cities to diversify their work and push their careers forward; at those times the feeling of loneliness is something all models sooner or later have to deal with. It is an emotional state of unwilling solitude, of being alone and secluded from others. It is a feeling of emptiness and isolation, of being cut off, disconnected and alienated. It can be overwhelming to the point of making models become extremely vulnerable, anxious, depressed, insecure, needy and ultimately feel lost. Read More

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