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Premier Model Management

It’s Thursday, the week is almost over and we cannot wait for the weekend – we’ll be super busy next week again, as we’re currently redesigning our humble BLOG and will be missing one day of our week (thanks to Easter!). We’re pretty excited so stay tuned! And here for some other news…

We’d like to take give a big shout out to the wonderful Mak Gilchrist. Not for the fact that the lady still is as beautiful and as amazing a model as she was a decade ago – but because she’s a aterrific and most inspiring lady. We’d like to introduce to you, should you not already know of it, The Edible Bus Stop.  You could kind of imagine it like what they did in the movie Green Card (see bad quality picture below) but even better!! Read More

March 29, 2012  |  Hot off the press, Premier on paper  |  No Comments