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LA is my Lady

LA is my Lady

Mad Men’s absolutely final Season premiered last night. Judging by some of the screen shots, no sadly I have not seen it yet, I see a number of tendencies making a whole lot of sense.
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Riviera… Je ne sais quoi…

Riviera... Je ne sais quoi...

The Riviera. Whether it is the French or the Italian Riviera, the word alone lets my heart skip a beat. It immediately evokes a feeling of utter bliss, sunshine, warmth and I can almost smell the scent of skin sizzling in the sun. And I know I am not the only one.
There is of course a reason for our popular opinion and feelings linked to this particular word. For more than 50 years people have bee writing songs, movies and poems about these exceptional places. Designers have based entire collections and photographers and magazines have used the Riviera for endless amounts of stories and moods etc. I am quite pressed for words to describe the certain Riviera-esque vibe,  as nothing seems to quite hit it on the spot. Hence I shall simple put this in my bestest french, “it’s got that certain je-ne-sais-quoi”.
On a rainy sunday like this is, I felt there’s nothing better to please you than with a collection of wonderful imagery that can hopefully translate my feeling about these most wonderful places.

The following images are a mixture of Riviera-heavy movies such as Purple Noon, Talented Mr Ripley, How to catch a thief, Bonjour Tristesse and La Piscine, as well as plenty of photographs of the very talented Mr Slim Aarons, who I believe has very much been a big part in orchestrating and communicating that certain “je ne sais quoi” feeling we now experience as the Riviera.

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A Vague Idea

A Vague Idea

Seeing as the entire world is blabbing about it, we ought to join the Topic du Jour. Anna Wintour putting Kim & Kanye on her April 2014 cover has gotten not only the fashionists’ tongues wagging, THIS has EVERYONE talking.
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Here’s to Street Style!

Here's to Street Style!

Street style. Everybody is obsessed with it. I adore few things so much as scrolling through images of Tommy Ton or other cool shooters alike.

Having said that, through sheer popularity of the trade, one tends to stumble across some fairly mediocre stuff before hitting style heaven. It seems as if every girl who owns an iPhone and a shopping card at Zara thinks she’s an aspiring street style goddess. Oh and one can spot them a street style mile away, wearing a black leathery type of trousers, blazer, biker boots, tons of jewellery and slightly curled ombré hair…

Let’s all clap our hands for these street stylers, the true queens of the street style jungle!
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Hot Shots

Hot Shots

With this blog I tend to go 2 ways. I either have some big fat opinion about whatever just floats my boat, like last week’s Oscar rant, which, by the way I was spot on, may I just say. Or if the latter doesn’t strike, I share with you some finds on my weekly journey through the World Wide Web. Today, lucky you, I have no big opinions! but rather a few interesting bits and bobs I think you’ll like. And so here we go.

I came across this wonderful site (, stacked full of images that either make you deeply depressed as you don’t live in them, or simply are a wonderful pool of inspiration for some. Thankfully I tend to the latter, gorgeous imagery of others never makes me feel inadequate, but more is a source of inspiration of something one “could” be doing, if you wouldn’t be… erm.. stuck being you.

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