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Most of us will be guilty. Some of us more so than others. Selfies. Probably the most used hashtag of 2014, everyone who’s anyone with an iPhone, is doing them.
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Trending: Normcore

Trending: Normcore

Normcore, a word that keeps popping up in hashtags all around the fashion world. Admittedly I only just clicked away to what it actually means and found out… It’s so me!

Normcore is a term for blandness in fashion, anti-fashion if you will, a response to the hipster-culture. It means going away from trying to fit in, from being on the latest trend and simply go against the fashion grain and do as you please. Meaning Birkenstock, sports socks and high waisted trousers… You get the drill. Now I find this a rather nice developement, only question is, how long will it remain an anti-fashion until it will become fashion?

For now, let’s embrace and look at some gorgeous pieces we absolutely adore in a non fashion way:-)

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If you asked me what my passion is a minute ago, I’d say fashion. As a matter of fact it has been a long lasting joke between my friends and I, that I have the “passion for fashion”. But after a minute of reflecting on the past and the many years and tears invested into all things material, gorgeous and in obtainable, I have decided I am now ready to kick off my fashion heels and put on a pair of comfy Birkenstocks and admit that I am madly in love with food and anything surrounding it. Gatherings, feats, whatever you might call it, I’m an absolute sucker for celebrating life by sharing food over a beautifully decorated table.
And judging by the many food blogs, food stylists, food photographers and food magazines popping up, literally by the minute it seems, I may not be the only one.
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This Week’s Toppers

This Week's Toppers

How has everyone’s week been? Mine has been top! After to what seemed a never ending rain streak, the sun has finally started showing up again and that alone makes me and everyone around me start to, literally, lighten up! Plus I’ve stumbled upon so many “toppers” that simply must be shared. NOW!

CAROLE Bouquet. I think the word chic may have stemmed from her. I mean… Obviously she’s gotta be french, be, well, endlessly chic and carry that certain “je ne sais quoi” with her at absolutement all-the-time! Je really ne sais quoi what else to tell you about her…

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An old new discovery

An old new discovery

With all the girly/silly topics I mostly gush about it’s always a nice change when I think I found something I think can somehow give something new to the one or the other person reading it. Today is precisely such a day. Well, I don’t think I will necessarily sweep you off your feet, but here’s to hoping…

I came across Mark Cohen’s photography, which quite frankly I am a tad surprised about calling myself a girl-in-the-fashion-know, and never having heard of his name.
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